Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Clarification: Why Americans are rightfully disliked...

Recently, while partaking on another web log on a discussion pertaining to the suggestion of raising petrol taxes up annually until the cost per gallon hits $6.00 (USD), a specfic response in the slew of comments stood out, and it single handedly proves the ignorance, and idiocy of a chunk of middle America (U.S. that, not our neighbors south of the border). It was (and I quote)

"why in the hell do i actually CARE what the rest of the world is paying for gas? if they are that stupid, then let them pay! Why should we americans have to pay more because the europeans and british are taxed to the nth degree? If you people who want to pay more, maybe you ought to leave America and pay more in the "rest of the world" so it can make you happy.. But for the rest of us we will keep paying less and fighting you crazed, control freak people who think just because YOU have a good idea that all of the rest of use have to listen? we don't and we're not going to pay more, PERIOD!"

I really don't think this person deserves to be a member of society since he is playing the "these are all my marbles and I'm going home it you all don't play my way".. This is the epitomy of isolationist attitude, this is the most uncooperative, inconsiderate, unfeeling, uncaring attitude I've had the displeasure of seeing in an online post regarding the world and its inhabitants in relation to the United States.

One can only hope that idiots who espouse such vehement hatred due to their lack of understanding and/or intelligence stop breeding as it is hard enough trying to make Amends as a country for all the bad we did (yes, we did much good, but that doesn't excuse the bad).

To our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the civilised world, we truly are sorry for arses like this.


It's somewhat difficult to put my thoughts about this into words.

First off, his attitude is lousy. That goes without saying. But his meaning. . .

I agree (although it pains me to say it) that we should pay more gas tax in the US. It would force folks to limit their driving, freeing up the roads for me.

But I also agree with loser in that we don't need to jack up gas prices just because other countries do.
Thank you for your input on this issue Dorri and welcome to the blog. I gather we're talking about 'my' attitude, and thanks to joe from "my ford dreams" blog, I'm trying adjust my mannerisms so that the message isn't lost due to me being a fool and upsetting legitimate conversationalists who have much to share.

Given that I live in PA and that the roads we have are quite pitiful, I would think that a higher gas tax could also server to possible get better roads than we've been subjected to for the past however many aeons.

As for doing thing "just" because other counties do, doesn't makes sense at all. I wouldn't suggest we blow ourselves up if other countries were to do that. What I've implied is that we're all in this world together, and quite frankly, if we're all treating similar issues in a similar manner it brings us closer and lends to overall understanding.

Now without sounding a wee too compasionate and what not, I do have to say I like the comment on "freeing up the roads for me"... And they wonder why I drive B roads to work even though there are a few A roads I could take.. its called no traffic, lots of turns, gravel and hills, it is a blast.. sans the occasional deer.

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