Thursday, September 15, 2005



Welcome to what will hopefully be a good forum for opening the eyes of the overwhelming majority of Americans regarding their poor choices, habits and feelings of superiority regarding the automotive world.

By Americans I do specifically mean citizens of the United States of America, and I reference them as such above because from their perspective, America is synonymous with the U.S.A. It is a poor view, as South America is also "America", as is Canada, however I don't wish to insult the intelligence of our Southern or Northern brothers and sisters.

This blog is aimed squarely at the John Smiths, Jane Joneses, Bubba Hatfields and Chet Yuppies in America. We all know the type I'm talking about. You can't go anywhere in America without seeing them. Little tiny women driving these monstrosities of SUVs, and Humongous Minivans. Redneck hicks driving Pickup trucks which are never used to haul anything, wasting fuel and clogging the air with foul emissions. Muscle car nuts who don't understand that V8's aren't "then end all be all", and still refer to "farn cars" (That's "Foreign" to any non-inbred citizen of the world).

We're going to address many issues here, feel free to jump right in. And yes, I started off with extreme stereotypes, the purpose of which is to get your attention not to insult everyone, though you may find that a good deal of what I described above is closer to fact than fiction.

Time to get in, sit down, strap your seatbelt on, shut up and listen. (Though intelligent debate is quite welcome, I do hope I'll learn something out of this as well).


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