Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Car Parks #1: (That would be a parking garage to you other 'Mericans)

This morning on a trip into the local metropolis (of Philadephia, PA) a realisation came upon me. Whilst maneuvering through a multi-level car park in Centre City, I realised that the reason why it was so ridiculously tight for turning was due to the obscene overcrowding, coupled by the reality that SUV's and behemoth automobiles take up too much room, coupled with the fact that these facilities were not built with multi-tonne vehicles over 2 metres in height and over 2.5 metres in width in mind.

This got me thinking upon seeing a few Mini Coopers (and not to mention Ferrari 360 Barchetta in beautiful Ferrari Red), that if Americans would actually dump these wasteful, unnecessary vehicles for the more aptly and appropo hatches and smaller saloons (even small estates), it wouldn't be as bad in terms of making it through the challenge course of the car park (which at times is akin to bike trials, and we're not talking TT's here).

However, reality struck me hard upon my skull reminding me that were that the case, the American's would just make the spots smaller and pack even more autos in, or they'd utilise a smaller facility, ensuring that it was perpetually difficult regardless of the size of vehicles which chose to grace said car parks hallow asphalt lined ground.

Pitiful, but that's American thinking for you.


Eric, your posts seem less automotive and more anti American. From your writing, you sound like an ex-pat Brit, more than an American. You may be a naturalized American citizen, but your writing gives away your non-US background.
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